RUSTIX Board Butter (30ml)


Mineral Oil and Beeswax Board Butter, 30ml tub

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RUSTIX Natural Board Butter: The Ultimate Care for Your Kitchen Boards


Preserve the Beauty: RUSTIX Natural Board Butter is a must-have for maintaining the timeless beauty of your kitchen boards. Specially crafted for charcuterie, chopping, bread, cheese boards, and serving trays, this unique formula enriches and enhances the natural grains, ensuring your boards look as stunning as the day you got them.


Nourish and Protect: Our Board Butter is a rich blend of natural oils and beeswax designed to nourish the wood, preventing it from drying out or developing cracks. The protective layer created by the butter helps guard against moisture, extending the life of your boards and trays.


Enhance Hygiene: Not just about aesthetics, RUSTIX Board Butter also promotes a hygienic kitchen environment. Its antimicrobial properties create a barrier against bacteria, making it a reliable choice for surfaces where food is prepared and served.


Versatile Application: Whether you have a collection of chopping boards, charcuterie platters, or elegant cheese trays, RUSTIX Board Butter is tailored for all. Its versatile application ensures that each type of board receives the care it deserves, maintaining its integrity and longevity.


A Pleasure to Use: Experience the smooth and renewed texture of your kitchen boards with every application. RUSTIX Board Butter is designed to be easy to apply, leaving your boards with a silky finish that adds to the overall pleasure of food preparation and presentation.


Sustainable and Eco-friendly: We take pride in our commitment to sustainability. RUSTIX Board Butter is made from natural ingredients, ensuring a product that not only cares for your boards but also aligns with your values for a greener planet.


Elevate your kitchen board care routine with RUSTIX Natural Board Butter – because your kitchen boards deserve nothing less than the best.


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